Book store: Kurt Vonnegut

I may as well start with Vonnegut himself, since he's given me the name to the blog. What a man. Shoulda been a Nobel laureate no doubt. However, he was probably too funny for the Swedish academics. Damned, he makes me laugh.

I discovered him through Ewa. She had read this book, Slaughterhouse n5, and recommended it to me. I had given a try to Catch-22, but had to drop it as the English in it wasn't that straightforward for me. Plus it has a million characters, so it's hard to follow unless you give it a good hour a day or so. Anyways. Took the book she mentioned, by some Vonnegut, and started it. I was glued: the story of an American soldier in WW2, captured by the Germans and confined in a slaughterhouse in Dresden, where he witnessed the Allie bombardment over the city, the deadliest event of the whole war. Of any war for that matter.

After that book, others came: Cat's cradle, Breakfast of Champions, Timequake... always full of imagination and the most acid humor. Don't miss him. You shouldn't. He writes fast, with short sentences, but is able to say so much with so little words. It is hard though after reading him or the likes of Bukowski or Kerouac to try to read some more heavier stuff, because most of other books tend to be slower, and may become boring. This happened to me, when I tried to pick Celine, and had to take a deep breath before going back to Vonnegut. I'm pretty addicted.

Unfortunately, Vonnegut passed away in 2007. I had just met him and he left us. Let this be a little homage to the man and a farewell, in his own words: God bless you, Mr. Vonnegut.


Welcome to my monkey house

Hello. This is my first post in my brand new blog. It's nice to start new things. You have these expectations, these ideas, tones of them. Dunno, just brainstorming here, but plan to have music thought, literature (quite excited about it) and lots of pics. Hopefully, one day. But, the hell, I'll probably end up just writing every once in a while. Whatever, right? At the end this is just to get some stuff out of my system, or just express an opinion or a thought, even if there's no one out there minimally interested.

This is MY space. No technology blog, no sports blog, no cars, no fashion, no nothing. Jordi. Let's see what comes off it. Welcome to the Monkey House is the title of one of Kurt Vonnegut's books. I love the guy. This one is a collection of some of his short stories. They don't have a particular topic. They are just a truly funny mesh. Another mesh is what it's intended here.

So then again: hello.