Photo store: Royal Botanic Gardens, Kandy, Sri Lanka

Hello there! We just got back from our honey moon in Sri Lanka! I can only say good things about this country, it's been an amazing experience. Lots of culture and great nature. Here's one pic from the trip, a perfect wallpaper!

Some of the things we have learnt during our trip:
  • Buddhism is not a religion, it's a philosophy.
  • Buddha was born prince Siddharta on the border between India and Nepal, in the 5th century BC. Before him, 27 other men reached enlightenment (Nirvana), but he was the first one to preach his knowledge.
  • There's a civil war going on in Sri Lanka, lasting over 20 years now, between the Sinhalese majority and the Tamil minority.
  • Green tea and black tea come from the same plant. Black tea is dried, green tea is steamed.
  • Elephants have a similar life expectancy as humans.
  • Red bananas improve your sexual life.