Leuven & Freyr with Raul

I'm just back from a little trip with my friend Raul, where we intended to party a lot and climb a lot as well, two things that do not combine fantasticly but that, somehow, we always manage to blend quite nicely.

It was fantastic to walk the streets of Leuven again, get lost in the middle of the afternoon, sip a beer in Giraf watching time flow and bikes pass, just feeling a bit of bitterness now that Pata Negra has been closed for good. Leuven is changing and so is everything else: so is Eva, and Tom, and Nikos and Ellen, and Toni and his brother and their Pronto, my Pronto. And so am I.

Changing or not, Leuven goes with me everywhere: a piece of Leuven will be within me forever.


Big b-day!

To all those of you that spent my birthday at home with us, a big THANK YOU!! That was a party I won't forget. I can't wait to meet you all again!

Massive kisses to you all.