El debatillo democratiquillo

Zapatero flojo. Sí, flojo, siempre parece que se va a quedar sin palabras. Pero es que el PP, con Rajoy o sin él, me sigue dando tanto miedo como hace 4 años... O casi más, porque Aznar era más facha, pero Rajoy más tonto...

Por eso, y porque es de cajón, votaré catalán, como voto siempre que me desencanto. Al menos para mí es fácil. Cuanto mayor me hago más me doy cuenta de que o nos entendemos y nos damos cuenta de que este país cagón esta lleno de naciones, o aquí no quedará de pie ni el apuntador, porque para chulo un español.

Duran i Lleida, ajuda´ns i escombra cap a casa. Visca Catalunya i l'Espanya federal.

Photo store: and you thought you had a bad haircut...

Have a look at Baby Huey:


Music store: Oi va voi

This British band is another member of the breed of bands that blend music, in the deepest sense of the word. Those that live comfortably in the border of styles and cultures. In this case, Yiddish music is assembled to pop-rock-electronic music to obtain a surprisingly positive and uplifting result and, in the process, the most advanced expression of klezmer music today. Their music is an rich wrap of traditional sounds (lots of violin, clarinet, old men hebrew voices...) around a modern layer of contemporary sounds (great bass and electronics). At times you seem to be in an Armenian wedding and then you are transported to a London club. And it works.

Oi va voi have three studio albums, and all of them worth a listen. Probably, their best known song is Refugee, a gripping and tearing song about forced emigration. Not to miss either is the instrumental 7 brothers, a perfect example of what these guys are about. And they are meant to be great life, too. Give them a try!

This is the video for the song Yesterday's mistakes, from their second album. Enjoy.

Quote: Arthur C. Clarke

The sixth member of the crew cared for none of these things, for it was not human. It was the highly advanced HAL 9000 computer, the brain and nervous system of the ship.

Hal (for Heuristic programmed ALgorithmic computer, no less) was a masterwork of the third computer breakthrough. These seemed to occur at intervals of twenty years, and the thought that another one was now imminent already worried a great many people...

Whether HAL could actually think was a question which had been settled by the British mathematician Alan Turing back in the 1940s. Turing had pointed out that, if one could carry out a prolonged conversation with a machine - whether by typewriter or microphone was immaterial - without being able to distinguish between its replies and those by a man might give, then the machine was thinking, by any sensible definition of the word. Hal could pass the Turing test with ease...

And then, if there was no reply from Earth, HAL would take what measures he deemed necessary to safeguard the hsip and to continue the mission - whose real purpose he alone knew, and which his human colleagues could never have guessed.

Poole and Bowman had often humorously referred to themselves as caretakers or janitors aboard a ship that could really run itself. They would have been astonished, and more than a little indignant, to discover how much truth that jest contained.

2001: A Space Odyssey, 1968